Hello, we are Beanstalk

We believe in defining moments that perfectly align a brand’s identity with an individual's interests. Our motivation is to create emotional connections through an unforgettable experience or space. We believe in the power of connections and the ability to create change through bold and bright moments.

Who we are

Beanstalk was formed in 2011 with a specific focus on developing, implementing and producing live activities that are in line with our client’s brand objectives and their target audience.

In 2018, we’ve launched our extended approach and turn key service offering, in South Africa and the United Kingdom, by further developing innovative visual communication and brand experiences that will increase consumer demand and engagement to harness loyalty through consumer, product and market insight.

Our service


Using key insight, trends and data we conceptualise and develop experiences and touch points to amplify consumer engagement and build brand loyalty.


Building bespoke experiences that resonate with brand features and attributes that allow consumers to make the association with a product or innovation.


Amplifying and reporting on digital communication through our social media channels that allow for brand creation, sharing and engagement.


End to end client service management on campaign implementation of small to large scale activations, plug-ins and festivals through a regulated event and brand guidelines.

Beanstalk Luxury

We create unforgettable moments for our luxury brand partners, every time. Building an experience that is flawless and divine. We produce events that are smooth and refined. We create moments beyond your imagination.
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