Red Bull Studios Present Little Dragon // October 2015


Yukimi Nagano, Erik Bodin, Fred Wallin and Håkan Wirenstrand make up Little Dragon, the zeitgeist band that blend strands of R&B, electronic and indie into beautifully and meaningfully crafted songs.

Over the course of four critically-acclaimed albums, Little Dragon have established themselves as a band keen to never rest on their laurels – constantly prodding and playing with the boundaries of their sound.

Following a sold out tour of South Africa in 2012, Little Dragon returned to South Africa with another album under their belt and a live show that has thrilled audiences around the globe. The band haven’t stopped expressing their love for the country since they left our shores and their excitement to return was more than present when they arrived for the two performances at Founders Garden in Cape Town and Carfax in Jozi.

Supporting Line-up:
– King Bruce
– Card On Spokes featuring Bonj Mpanza, Bokani Dyer and Nonku Phiri
– Leeu and Lazarusman