Converse Lighthouse @ RTD 2016


This year converse launched a new space at Rocking the Daisies. The lighthouse was a 10,5m high viewing tower open to the public. The premise behind the space was two fold. Firstly, a lighthouse represents the never faltering sturdy and iconic bastion against the weather. A safe heaven for sea travelers. Like the counter climate shoe launched this year, the same principles apply for the urban traveler, a need for an iconic weather proof and robust shoe to combat the storms of the city. Secondly, the unfair disposition that only VIPs get to see a festival from the vantage point of an elevated space. Converse strive for rebellion! We at Beanstalk conceptualized, designed and implemented the space which included a tower, beautiful design and decor and a calm soothing hang out space at the base of the tower where top DJ’s and a fresh set design enticed festival goers to chill out and be cool. Next year we hope to do it again!